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Contest description

The Relevance Prediction Challenge provides a unique opportunity to consolidate and scrutinize the work from industrial labs on predicting the relevance of URLs using user search behavior. It provides a fully anonymized dataset shared by Yandex which has clicks and relevance judgements. Predicting relevance based on clicks is difficult, and is not a solved problem. This Challenge and the shared dataset will enable a whole new set of researchers to conduct such experiments.

The Relevance Prediction Challenge is a part of series of contests organized by Yandex called Internet Mathematics. This year’s event is the sixth since 2004. Participants will again compete in finding solutions to a real-life problem based on real-life data. In previous years, participants tried to learn to rank documents, predict traffic jams and find similar images.

Congratulations to the prize winners:

1st prize: keinorhasen  Botao Hu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Nathan N. Liu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Weizhu Chen (Microsoft Research Asia, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) [report]

2nd prize: mmp Michael Figurnov (Moscow State University), Alexander Kirillov (Moscow State University) [report]

3nd prize: S-n-D Sergey Guda (Southern Federal University), Denis Ryabov (Southern Federal University) [report, in Russian]

Reports of the best teams were presented at the WSCD workshop collocated with WSDM2012 conference.

The test set of labels, login/pass: data/4WjDgsRADhfHfw

The contest organizers can be reached via email imat-relpred@yandex-team.ru.


14.11.2011:  Dear participants, we have changed a couple of things to give you a bit more freedom. Firstly, the deadline for submissions is extended to 22nd of December, 13-00 Moscow time. Secondly, you can submit your results more often — once in 2 hours.